Waste water treatment units

Washing and rinsing process water treatment with paint and varnish

This wooden floor producer generates wastewater that contains paint and varnish. The process that it comes from consists in rinsing and washing paint rolls from the finishing line of their wooden floor production. Every time the color needs to be changed, the protocol requires that the rolls are washed with precision. This process generates about 1000L every day.

Goals and needs

Our client wants a waste water treatment system that allows him to treat the wastewater coming from the rinsing and washing processes in order to send it to the sewer.

Offer and realization

NISKAE has set up a SW 200 automatic waste water treatment system at the client’s facility. The waste water generated by the process is collected in a storage tank of a 1000L capacity. Thanks to a transferring pump, the waste water is sent to the treatment reactor. From there and after a pH regulation, a timed treatment cycle runs. Once the cycle is over, the emptying of the reactor happens automatically in a big-bag filtering kit that ensures the dehydration of the sludge, generated by the treatment. A second filtering kit was included to reach optimal sludge dehydration and an optimal number of treatments.

SW 200 wastewater treatment system
SW 200 wastewater treatment system

Thanks to a specific chemical formula, last generation coagulant-flocculent products and adapted dosage, NISKAE is able to treat both the wastewater containing varnish and paint together with one product. The water being heavily charged with pollutants, a dilution is necessary and automatically operated before treatment. The clear water for dilution comes in from the clear water tanks that contains the treated water.


  • The set-up of a SW200 wastewater treatment system efficiently reduced the costs of water treatment for the company.
  • Return on Investment takes about 2 years.
  • An eco-friendly image for the company that is seen as a real asset by partners and clients.

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