Industrial wastewater treatment

Paint booth water treatment

Paint booth water treatment

Paint booth water treatment is crucial to keep the water curtain clean and guarantee optimal retaining of the overspray.

As a chemical products producer for water treatment, NISKAE offers a complete range of formulas for paint booth water curtain treatment. We adapt our coagulants and flocculents specifically to your paint, whether it is solvent or water-based.

Coagulation and flocculation of solvent-based paint and varnish

Sludge coagulation and scrapping
Coagulation of the paint sludge and extraction through aero flotation and surface scrapping

In general, coagulation is referred to as a artificial, forced flocculation of tiny particles and very tiny particles called colloids; by measures that force the growth of the particles.

NISKAE’s coagulants 1000-1099 is a range of liquid products made for water treatment and wastewater treatment that turn matters into flocs and make water separation possible, or by amplifying the electric load.

Because of their neutral or not so alkaline nature, NISKAE’s products make the solvent loaded paint particles (that come from a water curtain equipped paint booth, with “overspray”) and other organic or inorganic particles coagulate. After the coagulation, suspended particles flocculate and the solvents in the circulation water link up by absorption.
Our skimmers for paint sludge extraction get rid of coagulated paint particles by aero flotation and surface scrapping.

NISKAE’s coagulants guarantee the neutralization and extraction of various different paints and varnishes: nitrocellulose varnish, polyurethane varnish, solvent-based ink, UV hardened-varnish, alky-melamine resin, polyester varnish, DD varnish, acrylic resin-based varnish, light varnish, high-solid varnish, hardened varnish…

NISKAE: turn-key engineered solutions for water treatment

To guarantee a perfect association of both flocculants and coagulants to the nature of your paint booth water, our teams offer:

  • Laboratory tests to figure out the products that best match your needs
  • An industrial test on site, with the set up of a pilot unit or by adding our products to your paint sludge extraction system.
  • A turn-key custom-made complete dosing unit with a preparation tank, and a set of dosing pumps.
  • Follow-up and customer service for your installation and equipment by our technicians.

Applications of the paint booth water treatment

  • Wood Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Glass and glass containers industry
  • Steel Industry
  • BTP machines producers
  • Car Industry