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NISKAE’s products for waste water treatment

Industrial waste water, untreated water and industrial effluents.

NISKAE’s water treatment products: How it works

Niskae’s pulverent reactant products range, is based on reagents, separators and modified absorbents, with system of ions exchange conceived for waste water treatment and sludge conditioning.

Our range of pulverents is rather used for wastewater treatment when the water is organically loaded with heavy metals or solvents. NISKAE’s pulverents allow efficient treatment of emulsions, dispersions, washing water and chemical processes, and water-thinnable varnish systems.

Wastewater treatment phases: demulsifying, absorption, neutralization and flocculation
Wastewater treatment phases: demulsifying, absorption, neutralization and flocculation

Our treatment products gather all the characteristics of demulsifying, absorbing, neutralizing and flocculating products, within one single product. The reactions happen as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Dispersion of the product in the wastewater. The demulsifying starts as soon as the product starts to dissolve. To obtain a satisfying result, sufficient stir up is necessary.
  • Phase 2 – Absorption and neutralization process. The small flocs start getting bigger. The separation between water and sludge gets visible.
  • Phase 3 – Flocculation process. The small flocs gather and get bigger to get a visible separation between clear water and a floc sludge well de-hydrable.

Discover an innovative and new generation product range for wastewater treatment

  • NISKAE’s reagents guarantee a reduction of your product consumption by 20 to 40%, in comparison with classical products.
  • Your sludge volume is also reduced.
  • The sludge that is generated is not sticky, easy to evacuate, and facilitates the cleaning of the treatment units. They are completely dehydrable.
  • Downtimes and cleaning time are reduced.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced.
  • We are able to provide you with a solution that is perfectly adapted and designed accorded to your needs.
  • Every pulverent product is also available with additional active carbon for the absorption of suspended matter.
  • The inherent presence of salts in the treated water is irrelevant in comparison to classical product use.
  • Our water treatment products are guaranteed sulfate free.
  • All our products are available in 3 different Ph values.

Why chose a Niskae water treatment product?


  • You are using an innovative, economical and environment friendly product.
  • Niskae engineers specific products, adapted to your needs.
  • All of our product ranges for water treatment are consistent with the latest regulatory applications.
  • Your confirm your position as an eco-responsible company by using our products that guarantee 0 rejections of waste.


  • Decrease of the use of powdery agents.
  • Decrease of transportation and storage costs.
  • Smaller doses of products, better dehydration of the sludge, leading to a decrease of the costs for evacuation and removal of the waste sludge.
  • Decrease of the consumption of the filters for the dehydration of the sludge.
  • Downtimes and frequency of the cleaning cycles, maintenance, draining cycles are reduced.