A responsible and effective wastewater treatment process for a canadian manufacturer of peanuts and roasted almonds

A manufacturer of roasted nuts regularly cleans its equipment and production areas. These cleaning operations generate up to 8m3 of rinsing water daily, mainly loaded with oils and grease. The client wishes to discharge his treated water directly into canalization or to recycle it for further washing. He tasked NISKAE to develop a custom formulation to treat the dirty waters.

Our chemistry experts took 3 samples of wastewater for laboratory analysis. Specific parameters were found and used to prepare the right coagulant and flocculant. In addition to being effective in small doses - a reduction in product consumption of 20% to 40% compared to conventional products - our pulverulent products are sulfate-free and are available in three pH-value adaptations. Following the new treatment, the customer got a totally clean and clear water.

The manufacturer can now evacuate the treated water or reuse it, while reducing maintenance costs and facilitating logistics. A most profitable investment for the responsible management of wastewater!

Wastewater treatment - coagulation and flocculation
Wastewater treatment - coagulation and flocculation.