Waste water treatment units

Treatment of the water used to clean guns and other tools for the application of paint

This manufacturer of furniture for the aeronautics field, has several units for manual paint application. At the end of every cycle, the tools and materials that were used to spray the paint have to be washed, which everyday uses about 400L of water.

Goals and needs

As he doesn’t have a waste water treatment unit, our client has to store that used water and call an external subcontractor to get rid of it.

Storing the used water not only is constraining but also complicated due to the norms, restrictions and control that is being imposed on cases like this one, where any spreading could harm the environment. Not to mention that the re-treatment of the water is extremely expensive.

Our client’s goal is to find an equipment to recycle his waste water, to avoid having to store it, and to optimize the costs of treatment and elimination.

Offer and realization

Water treatment units for guns and other tools used for spray painting
Water treatment units for guns and other tools used for spray painting

NISKAE’s engineers decided to set up a waste water treatment unit SW200BB, with a flow of 200L/H.

A pumping unit has been set up close to tools and gun cleaning zone. This full of paint water, is then taken and stored in a waste water collecting tank.

The dirty water is pumped from the storage tank and sent to the water treatment unit.

After the flocculation and settling phase, the tank is being drained to get rid of the paint sludge that was at the bottom of the tank. This operation happens thanks to a big bag filtration box.

Thanks to our integrated submersible pump, the clear treated water is collected in a storage tank that is equipped with a blower that sends it under pressure back to our client’s cleaning unit.


  • Water recycling, waste 0
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced amount of waste material to be treated
  • Reduced elimination costs
  • ROI in less than 12 months