Waste water treatment units

Treatment of end of production tire washing and rinsing process waste water

This tire producer generates waste water containing dust and various particles coming from a washing and rinsing process at the end of their tire production line. This operation generates up to 10m³ per day.

Goals and needs

Our client wants to set-up a water treatment system that will allow him to treat the waste water that he generates, and recycle it to send it back to his cleaning process.

Offer and realization

The waste water is gathered in a collecting tank of a 250L capacity, under the client’s cleaning process. A high temperature submerged pump transfers the waste water into a 2000L storage tank.

Complete SW 500 water treatment system – installed on a SKID platform
Complete SW 500 water treatment system – installed on a SKID platform

Every time the process of filling the reactor is being activated, the waste water is transferred from the tank to the treatment reactor, of a 500L capacity. Once the treatment cycle is over, the draining cycle activates automatically: the water from the reactor falls into a filtering cart that ensures a proper dehydration of the sludge generated by the flocculation. A second filtering cart has also been provided, to ensure the fastest possible sludge dehydration period. The clear water coming out of the filtering phase is sent into a clear water storage tank, in order to be stored and re-used.

The clear water is then sent back to the clients process through a high pressure pump (or blower), passing through a set of anti-bacterial and anti-particle filters. The water stays in a closed loop. An automatic water supply system has been programmed in case the water level in the system decreases because of an evaporation.


  • The installation of a SW500 water treatment system effectively reduces waste water treatment disposal costs for the company.
  • Water circulates in a closed loop: there is no water to be rejected!
  • An eco-friendly image for the company which is seen as a real asset by partners and clients.