Waste water treatment units

Treatment of CIP and COP cleaning water from beverage manufacturing and packaging equipment

Our Client, located in the South Pacific, a production and packaging company for soft drinks, wines and spirits, calls on NISKAE’s expertise in the treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater. Their beverage production activities involve CIP (cleaning in place) and COP (cleaning off site) waters from production and packaging equipment. Daily quantities of between 10 and 12m3 are generated and contain organic residues as well as degreasing products. This major beverage producer therefore wishes to treat and recycle its cleaning water.

A large volume of wastewater generates a significant cost

Our client has several equipment for the production of its beverages that require CIP and COP cleaning. These operations generate nearly 10,000 liters of wastewater daily. The wastewater is first stored and then disposed of by an external waste treatment company. The costs for treatment and disposal amount to several thousand euros per year. NISKAE is able to offer a solution adapted to the needs of our Client which will allow on the one hand an important reduction of the costs and on the other hand the setting in conformity of the discharges of the factory to the sewage systems.

A specific and adapted reagent is elaborated through a series of tests established by our laboratory experts

Flocculation of cleaning water for beverage production equipment
Flocculation of cleaning water for beverage production equipment

A first sampling step is carried out by our Customer. The wastewater samples are collected directly from the CIP and COP washing and sent to the laboratory. They are analyzed and tested by our experts in wastewater treatment chemicals in order to obtain the best coagulant-flocculant solution adapted and specific to the effluents.

The developed formulation allows a minimal dosage of 0.5 g/L to be used for the treatment of the effluent. This physico-chemical treatment allows the organic residues and degreasing agents to dissociate from the clear water and to be filtered and eliminated. In addition, a significant decrease in COD concentration and a reduction of heavy metals, iron and zinc, are observed. The COD level dropped from 4,130 mg/L to 1,659 mg/L, a significant reduction of almost 60%. The concentration of iron was reduced from 1.18 mg/L to 0.02 mg/L as well as the concentration of zinc for an abatement of 90% of the concentration before treatment. With the use of the NISKAE specific powder, the effluent is now considered compliant for discharge and respects the required concentrations for both the COD parameter and the heavy metals values.

An optimal solution is adapted to the needs and requirements of our Client

NISKAE satisfies the requirements of the Industrial customer by proposing an efficient and economically advantageous solution for the treatment of wastewater. The use of a specifically developed coagulant allows our customer to avoid using the services of an external service provider. Such a reagent, with a minimal dosage of 0,5 g/L, allows a lower consumption of reactive products as well as a significant reduction of heavy metals and COD concentrations.

In addition to its water treatment chemicals, NISKAE offers industrial wastewater treatment plants that allow companies to automate their systems and treat their effluents independently, without the need for external service providers.