Waste water treatment units

Our Client, an expert in wood finishing, equips themselves with an SW200 station for the treatment of their wash water

Our Client is a company specialized in wood finishing that has, over the past 25 years, risen to become a leader in the finishing of exterior and interior wall coverings. Over time, they have developed comprehensive expertise in the finishing of wood, materials, and wood components. Due to the regular and daily cleaning required for wood finishing equipment, our Client seeks a responsible solution to discharge their wash water in compliance with regulations.

Storage and external services leading to significant costs for our Client

Wood finishing involves regular and daily cleaning of equipment and application tools, resulting in operations that generate about 600L/day of wastewater divided between two wash points—400L for the first and 200L for the second. The wastewater from this cleaning process primarily contains paint residues, requiring our Client to use external services to evacuate their wash water in compliance with current regulations.

Thus, the wastewater is stored before being removed for disposal by an external service provider, which incurs significant evacuation and treatment costs for our Client. Consequently, they now seek to equip themselves with a microstation to autonomously treat and discharge their wash water into the sewage system.

Sampling for developing a customized solution

Physico-chemical treatment of wash water from application tools In woodworking
Physico-chemical treatment of wash water from application tools In woodworking

To propose an adequate and efficient process, our Client sent us a 5L sample of their brownish wastewater per type of effluent. NISKAE conducted several laboratory coagulation and flocculation tests and analyses to develop a formulation suited to our Client’s needs.

Our experts’ tests produced a clear, translucent, and colorless filtrate with non-sticky, easily dehydrated sludge. The treatment uses a specific flocculant at 2 g/L, allowing paint residues to settle and enabling compliant wash water discharge.

NISKAE implements equipment tailored to Client needs and expectations

To treat their wash water from a washing step, our Client enlisted NISKAE’s expertise for support throughout the acquisition process of an industrial water treatment station. Considering our Client’s needs, NISKAE proposed an SW200 treatment station, enabling the company to autonomously manage their water treatment process from storage to discharge, all while complying with regulations.

The semi-automatic installation ensures 200L treatment batches and includes all necessary industrial safety features. It consists of:

  • Two 200L collection tanks, each equipped with a lift pump for transferring water to the station,
  • A 1000L wastewater storage tank with an agitator to ensure homogenization and prevent settling,
  •  A 1000L clear water storage tank with a booster and a range of particle and antibacterial filters for recycling purposes,
  • A BIGBAG filtration box.

Autonomous wash water management, leading to significant savings for our Client

Our Client benefited from NISKAE’s expertise in industrial water treatment, receiving a customized reagent and complete equipment tailored to their needs. The company can now discharge their wash water in compliance without relying on external service providers. This solution results in annual savings of over 60% for our Client, amounting to more than $100,000 over the next five years, allowing them to invest further in their wood finishing activities.

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