Clean and Recycled Cleaning Water for a Glue and Mortar Manufacturer

A manufacturer of glue and mortar has several tanks equipped with large mixers for its daytime production. At the end of each process, these machines are cleaned, producing 500 to 600 L of wastewater per day, stored and then disposed of with a service provider.

The customer wants to test a reliable and suitable water treatment system in order to recycle the treated water. To avoid contamination of the final product, the recycled water must be of good quality and free of residues.

Following the assessment of needs and conditions, NISKAE installed a SW200 pilot unit. In addition to its automatic mode, the station recycles dirty water for subsequent washing of machines! Since obtaining acceptable cleaning water is critical, we analyzed the wastewater in the laboratory and developed a specific coagulant / flocculant reagent. Our custom reagent has given convincing results! In addition to clear, clean water, the tested samples show very low COD and BOD limits.

The customer, in addition to significantly reducing his ecological footprint and handling costs, no longer has to fear the risk of altering his production!

Glue and Mortar - Flocculation | Coagulation
Glue and Mortar - Flocculation | Coagulation