Waste water treatment units

A leading agricultural company, specializing in natural livestock products, wants to discharge its wastewater and reduce costs responsibly

A booming SME manufactures and sells natural and organic livestock products. Its industrial operations generate daily 100 to 200L of wastewater, from the washing of the tanks of mixtures and preparations. The factory, devoid of facilities, is forced to store its dirty water and dispose of it without prior treatment. These operations result in storage and logistics costs, in addition to environmental risks.

The SW100 station, easy to use and maintain, overcomes contaminated wash water

The company, concerned about its image, wants to quickly find a solution for the responsible management of wastewater. After careful analysis of water and daily flows, qualified NISKAE professionals propose an efficient and sustainable personalized plan.

NISKAE installs a SW100 station, suitable for flows up to 100 L/h. Factory managers immediately appreciate its simplicity! The operation of the station is based on physicochemical water treatment and the addition of a coagulant-flocculant reagent;

  • Dirty water flowing from washing stations is collected by gravity in a well;
  • Thanks to a level detection, waters are then pumped to a 500 L storage tank equipped with a stirrer to ensure homogeneous mixing and avoid any decantation effect;
  • From the tank, using a specifically developed coagulant and flocculant, the station treats 100L of water, each filling;
  • The discharge of clean and clear waters is done directly into the pipeline, to the natural environment.

The company now has a simple and efficient wastewater treatment system: a responsible investment that abolishes the cost of storing and transporting polluted materials! A very suitable plan for this ECOCERT certified SME.

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