Waste water treatment units

A paint manufacturer equips itself with a NISKAE microstation

Our Client, ranked among the TOP 10 independent French paint manufacturers, develops all types of paints for the building industry. In recent years, they have opened factories dedicated to the production of water-based paints, which require daily cleaning of production tanks.

Moving towards an economic and environmental solution

The wastewater contains harmful pollutants such as heavy metals, phytosanitary products, and preservatives. Therefore, it is essential to have an appropriate treatment for the wash water. This is why our Client turned to NISKAE Engineers. To save water and reduce waste treatment costs, our Client aims for a responsible solution and wants to recycle the cleaning water, which they previously stored in warehouses before being evacuated by an external service provider.

Development of a coagulation product based on expert laboratory analyses

Coagulation-flocculation of wash water from mobile paint production tanks
Coagulation-flocculation of wash water from mobile paint production tanks

Our Client sent several samples of their wash water for us to conduct a series of tests and develop the most suitable coagulant-flocculant complex for their wastewater properties. After several sampling campaigns, our mono-reactant, used at a dosage of 4.0 g/L, significantly reduced iron and zinc concentrations—from 2.40 mg/L and 25.10 mg/L respectively to below 0.01 mg/L—within a reaction time of less than 5 minutes. Additionally, the initially basic solution became almost neutral, with pH decreasing from 9.97 to 7.70. Visually, the filtrate obtained is clear, clean, and colorless, while the original sample was white and opaque. Finally, the recovered flocculation sludge is easily filterable and dehydratable.

Our solution : An automatic SW500 water treatment station

Considering our Client’s needs, NISKAE proposes an SW500 treatment station, ensuring 500-liter treatment batches. It is equipped with the following elements:

  • An immersion pump for transferring water from the production tank washing area to a storage tank,
  • A 2000L storage tank for wastewater, equipped with an agitator to prevent settling and ensure homogeneous mixing,
  • Mobile filtration boxes for sludge storage and dehydration,
  • For recycling purposes, the station includes a 2000L clear water storage tank equipped with a booster and an array of particle and antibacterial filters.

The proposed installation operates automatically and is equipped with all the safety features necessary for safe industrial operation.

A cost-effective solution for managing wash water

Our Client estimates their wash water volume at 2 to 3m³ per day, primarily generated by cleaning mobile production tanks. Currently, due to the amounts of water discharged, the management of cleaning water incurs significant annual costs, reaching 110,000 euros per year. By utilizing NISKAE’s services, our Client not only benefits from assembly, installation, and commissioning services by our team but also from personnel training for optimized maintenance. These services enable them to reduce their wastewater management costs by 65% from the second year after installing a NISKAE station.

An economic and environmental gain

The advantages of our solution are numerous, as NISKAE offers a sustainable alternative for industrial water treatment. The physico-chemical process of coagulation and flocculation used in our automatic stations provides benefits in terms of operational ease and speed. Economically, the return on investment is significant from the first year of use. Ultimately, it is an environmentally friendly solution since the goal is to reuse the treated water, allowing the client to strengthen their sustainable development policy.

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